Bookgasm: Graylee & Charlene

Sunday, March 10, 2013

I enjoyed creating outfit sets for book characters so here's another one. Remember my book review about Entangled by Nikki Jefford? The main protagonist and antagonist were twins so I would like to compare their style and see who you can relate to the most (myself included).
(1) tweed shorts, black tights, backpack, braid, shirt, clogs; (2) jean skirt, embroidered blouse; (3) pleated skirt; (4) soft blue jeans, ribbed tank top; (5) skirt, v-neck sweater; (6) shorts, black tights, clogs, mesh purple sweater over black tank top; (7) ruffled skirt; (8) black turtle neck, jeans
I know it looks unfair since Graylee has eight and Charlene only has two. But Graylee's was described more than Charlene's. As you can see, Graylee's style varies from preppy, casual and simple, to boho chic. I also put a lot of vintage pieces here since I find her to be that kind of girl.She's also the flats-type except for her fascination with black tights and clogs. She hates showing too much skin hence the tights she often use. You might wonder why she has some pink outfits in this set and you should learn about that when you have read the book! *wink wink*
(1) mini skirt, tight sweater; (2) transparent black top and lace bra
Obviously among the twins, Charlene was the more liberated and trendy one since she's into more modern style. Typical mean girl look with very short shorts and skirt and sky-high heels. Another is that, there will always be a hint of pink on her. She can also pull of a more effortless and sexy look which awkward Graylee can't. In this set, I wanted to show how Charlene can be sweet and cunning (left) and sultry and vicious (right). I incorporated lighter and fun tone on the prior look and darker ones on the latter.

I am a little bit of both. I might be their offspring. LOL. I am sort of conservative and would love to play with quirky looks like Graylee and at the same time can be sophisticated like Charlene. Though I think I would change some of Charlene's look by using an opaque material rather than a transparent one. Or O could use a sheer top but I will make sure I will have a tube or bandeau underneath since I am still not prepared to show some skin. And if I will wear the first one, I will wear Chuck Taylors with the mini denim skirt making it look a little more sporty. Who can you relate to when it comes to style: Graylee or Charlene?

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