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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

 What I'm wearing: jacket bought in Bangkok • vest top and leggings c/o Love Lila • bag Michael Kors
Obsessing on fashion editorials and saving photo inspirations on my invisible mood board is a hobby that I enjoy doing. I learned a lot from them because it helps me visualize on what outfits to wear and the pieces on my closet that I can mix and match. I am a firm believer of re-styling old pieces and make them look new. I don't believe in buying a new piece of clothing just to achieve a certain look you are aiming for. Hence, this outfit I came up with. I also have a craving for printed leggings trend which varies from galaxy, abstract and anything out-of-this world. It was so timely that early January, these set arrived on my doorstep (well not literally since it is just a figure of speech because my dad picked it up fro the post office) from one of my favorite and closest to my heart, Love Lila. Imagine the delight I felt when  opened the package and saw these two (and another piece that I will show you soon) and planned to wear it immediately. Came forth the unplanned visit and overnight stay of my uncle in our place and an impromptu movie date (Les Miserables!!) with me and my siblings.

bowler hat SM Kids  • Gilded Snow earrings c/o Arayha's Boutique

Since I have opted for the black and white combination to be dominant, I was able to sport these faux fur studded earrings that night. It's like having snow on my ears.

For more designs and information about Arayha's Boutique:
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(L-R) studded bracelet c/o Reese & Taylor  •  watch Claire's • owl and scorpion connector rings thrifted • gold snake bangle c/o Lockie & Lulu

It has been a while since I wore my connector rings. I had a penchant for them a year ago since it completes a rocker chic and casual look. I was happy to be able to show them again to the world.

emerald flats with tassel SM Parisian
I incorporated colors that will stand out that will also represent my mood that day. It also breaks the monotone. I guess for me, it signifies the gloomy weather and myself clashing that day.
You might have noticed that I always hold my bowler hat. It was extremely windy that night that I was scared that it might fly off to the pond. So excuse the variety of poses and the lack thereof.
I imagine this look worn by a girl in London, fighting the gloomy weather by having a casual and rocker vibe. I usually noticed them in this kind of outfit and effortlessly rocking it without even trying too hard. Though theirs are usually sported as monotone, I interpreted it in a more quirky way. I guess, I would try the black and white combo with the mix of leather next time.
Anyhow, I am happy to have worn Love Lila all day like a walking advertisement board. Haha I kid. But seriously, it made me happy to be one of those few who have this set and lucky to strut them in the streets of Manila.

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(Photos by KC Takasugi)

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