Interview with Emma of Cherry Baby

Sunday, February 24, 2013

ME ♥ Hi! It is great to be interviewing you! I would love to know more about you and the brand. So first things first: what is Cherry Baby all about? What is its goals?
EMMA ♥ Cherry Baby is a jewelry & accessories brand full of handmade & specially picked pieces all with the CB ethos of fun, vintage, pop & quirky. The main goals are to bring fun, quirky, uniqueness to the masses at a great price.
ME ♥ Who or what inspired you to start this business?
EMMA ♥ My reason for starting the business was because of my passion for creating unique items. I’m a great believer in following your dreams. How many people get to do what they are truly passionate about?
ME ♥ As a shop owner and an artist, what is your daily routine? Tell us the work environment you have.
EMMA ♥ It differs from each day, which I love, but generally it’s me with a cup of herbal tea checking emails, making up custom orders, designing new lines & sourcing new lines. It’s a place of heaven for me tubs full of beads, charms, fabrics, comic pictures, old vintage jewelry waiting to be re-worked and lots of sparkle and color.
ME ♥ Out of curiosity, what is the story behind the name of your shop?
EMMA ♥ The name came about after I posted a new picture of my red hair on Facebook, one of my friends made a comment “Ooo Cherry Baby!” The name sprang out at me & it’s stuck. I was looking for something that encapsulates the brand which I think this does perfectly.
ME ♥ What makes your products different from others? Where do you get your inspiration for the designs? Does the current trends influence your designs too? How do you keep it interesting?
EMMA ♥ A lot of my products are made using recycled/upcycled materials to create a vintage, pop art creation. Which makes them unique. It comes from a mixture of life, art, nature, trips to Brighton & London, my curiosities & wanting to put the unusual in everyone’s life. I like to see what is current & bear it in mind but I prefer to dance to my own tune. Making sure CB is always looking to the future. Playing with the norm & seeing what bizarre things come up.
ME ♥ Do you have a new line that we can look forward to?
EMMA ♥ 2013 will see some one-off customized shoes. They will be full of fabric, bows, flowers, comic images, charms, kids toys & sparkle. I'm currently taking custom orders for these so be quick to get your name on the list!
ME ♥ Do you have an actual shop that people can visit? If yes, where is it located? If not, do you plan on having one? 
EMMA  I don’t but I sell through numerous shops & through websites. They are Vintage Rose, Selby Yorkshire UK. The Craft Centre, Kings Lynn, UK. I also attend events, details can be obtained from emailing me or simply follow me on Twitter (@_cherry_baby_) & Facebook for updates on events, offers and much more. All my products are on my website

ME ♥ Let's move on to a more personal note! Do you have a personal blog? If yes, what is it about?
EMMA  It's something I have contemplated for a while. I am in the process of doing one so watch this space!! It will be full of my loves, fashion, life, music & curiosity finds.

ME ♥ How do you define your personal style?
EMMA ♥ It’s a mix of bohemian, 50’s tea dresses, prints, jeans & a big amount of jewelry.

ME ♥ Style staples that you consider your must-haves?
EMMA ♥ Jeans, cute shoes, printed top/blouse (loving bird prints at the moment, a real spring touch) & statement jewelry, whether it’s a cute animal or wording on them.

ME ♥ 5 bestsellers of Cherry Baby and tell us how will you wear or style it?
EMMA ♥ My best sellers are the charm bracelets, cute animal (Deer, Bunny) drop earrings, White Rabbit ring, Woodland Deer Necklace & the armor rings.
I would dress the bracelets & earrings up in boho, maxi dress, sandals & cute little jacket. Something that shouts summer.

The White Rabbit & Woodland Deer (Oh Deer!) -- I would go for something floral & quirky.
ME ♥ I got inspired by another fairy tale character and tried to channel a modern version.

The armour ring I would go all out punk! Black with a flash of cerise/ bright pink. You can see on my Polyvore ( cherry-baby-loves) the type of designs I have in mind.

ME ♥ Any current reads? All-time favorites?
EMMA ♥ I adore the author Paolo Coelho. He has such a wonderful way of conjuring up life in words.
ME ♥ Current playlist?
EMMA ♥ A real mixture at the moment. The Ghost Of A Saber Tooth Tiger, Rihanna, Paloma Faith,, Papercranes, The Cure, Stooshe, The Doors, Bruno Mars & Plan B. 
ME ♥ Thank you so much for allowing me to interview you and sharing this piece to the world. More power to the shop!
EMMA ♥ Thank You!!!!  :0) xox

To see the other collections and for more information about Cherry Baby:
Visit their shop here
Visit their blog here
Like them on Facebook here
Follow them on Twitter here

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