Mane Tales: Liese Prettia Review

Thursday, January 31, 2013

After a thousand years, I was able to cut my hair and color my very obvious roots last month. I tried to grow my hair and see if a longer length suits me. Well, it did for quite some time and I fell in love with my natural curls which only show when it's long.
Just a brief history: I actually have the same hair as Goldilocks when I was little. Though mine was black and shiny, and usually compared to the telephone cord because according to my mom and my late grandmother. (See photos below.)

Sorry if the photos are blurry. I have no scanner available within my reach now and my handy-dandy camera has no charge, and I can't even find its charger. I don't know where my sister kept it so  have to make do and use my low-resolution phone camera. Yay me! Anyway, I also can't find photos where you can see my hair in the back view and some are just too embarrassing to post so I chose these three that are not blackmail-worthy for proof. Oh hell. Just believe me with this. Haha. My mom still kept my old locks, you know. They can't just let it go.
Moving on to my review, last October, my older sister and I decided to dye our hair on our own by using the hair color treatments she bought in Japan. It's from a brand named Liese Prettia. I think my sister and I traded so I got Milk Tea Brown (ミルクティー​​ブラウン). Thank God for my Japanese language class since I can still read Hiragana (ひらがな) and Katakana (カタカナ).
I actually like how it was presented. As usual, it was pretty and girly which will please and attract Japanese girls to buy it. Though to be honest, I was doubtful of the color because of the photo. I was scared that it might look too bright or otherwise. The shade of the hair's model was kind of vague but still I did give it a try. Usually people will freak out and avoid buying products like these because of the overwhelming Japanese characters they see. Don't fret! There are actually photos at the back or side portion of the box that can illustrate to you what to use and what to do.

So far, it has lasted on my hair for three months. My roots became visible just now. Some said it doesn't last longer than it should be. Well, I am not a hair color expert but I guess I should not expect too much since it is made to be used by anyone at home, it means that the chemicals might be not that strong to withstand a long period of time compare to the products used by salons. But again, I am not a hair expert. Moreover, it does not have strong smell compare to others. I mean, it is bearable.

Though I would have to commend the brightness of the color. It did deliver the color that I wanted so I have to say that you should judge a hair color by its box. I don't know if it's just me or my sister but we think my hair brightened up a bit more overtime. She did compliment it and told me that she likes the color of my hair. Moreover, there are also some strands of my hair that went lighter which are usually highlighted when sun or light hits my hair. Well, I guess that was a result of my previous hair color before. It's their offspring. Haha.
(Taken after I had my hair dyed.)
* If you have really thick hair like mine, use two of these since one is not always enough.
* Use a black shirt while dyeing your hair to avoid stains or just use something that you know you will never use again.
* If your hair has a strong pigmentation of black or is still a virgin when it comes to hair treatment, you could use 2-3 of these. My sister had one and her hair still looks black but has a few brown shade whenever light shone on her hair. It looks like a natural hair (mixture of black and brown; black as the dominant hue).

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