Interview with Alison of Lockie & Lulu

Sunday, January 13, 2013

ME ♥ Hi Alison! It is great to be interviewing you! I would love to know more about you and the brand. So first things first: what is Lockie and Lulu all about?
ALISON  Lockie & Lulu is an online fashion and accessories website that I created with my sister Vicki. It combines different aspects of our style and individuality to create a versatile wonderland of branded, vintage, up-cycled and handmade clothing and accessories. We promote the idea of combining styles, with friendship, imagination and creativity.

ME ♥ What is its goals?
ALISON  Our goal is to inspire all fashion lovers, and to create a world that people want to be a part of.

ME ♥ Who or what inspired you to start this business?
ALISON  We have both had of love of fashion from an early age and so the style seed had already been planted before we even knew it. We have both worked in the fashion industry for many years and so to create our own company just seemed natural. 

ME ♥ As a shop owner and an artist, what is your daily routine?
ALISON  My daily routine can differ quite a bit depending what's on my to do list. But every morning must start with a much needed cup of herbal tea and a cuddle with my dog Mika. I will generally check all business emails, address them and then send out customer's orders before putting on my creative cap to design new jewelry pieces, plan future items, add customized features and source new vintage treasures.

ME ♥ Tell us the work environment you have.
ALISON  As I work from home I have had to make some changes to my work environment. I have taken over a room that is now my studio/office, it has all the essentials that a creative space needs in order to work well. I have a wall that I use to pin up any visual inspiration such as magazine cuttings, colors or images I like. My only problem is keeping my space tidy and organised, for someone that cannot work amongst clutter I seem to easily create chaos in a matter of minutes!

ME ♥ Out of curiosity, what is the story behind the name of your shop?
ALISON  We decided on Lockie & Lulu as this was in fact the names of Vicki's imaginary friends from childhood. We loved that the name played on the idea of friendship and imagination as these are key themes to our company and are very important to us.

ME ♥ What makes your products unique? Where do you get your inspiration for the designs? Does the current trends influence your designs too? How do you keep it interesting?
ALISON  Our products are unique as the majority of them are either one offs or have been customized with our own personal touches. Our inspiration comes from a variety of creative avenues such as music, crafts, design, trends and books. 

ME ♥ Do you have a new line that we can look forward to?
ALISON  We will have a new range of stock available in the new year which will encompass more of our creative technical skills and personal style aspects. There will be more of our customized pieces to look forward to along with more one off jewelry pieces.

ME ♥ Do you have an actual shop that people can visit? If yes, where is it located? If not, do you plan on having one?
ALISON  As yet we do not have a property for our shop but this is something we will definitely be working our way towards in a few years time. For now we enjoy concentrating on growing our online business.

ME ♥ Let's move on to a more personal note! Do you have a personal blog? If yes, what is it about?
ALISON  We do have a blog for our company which we also use for our personal use in order to allow our customers to have an insight into the girls behind L&L. This helps to build much more personal relationships with our customers which is something we love most about our jobs. The link to our blog is: Here you will find not only Lockie & Lulu news updates but also our personal style diaries and general interest posts from our favorite beauty products to things that make us smile.

ME ♥ How do you define your personal style?
ALISON  My personal style has often been referred to as "boho" "rock-chick" "stylish" and "unique" so I guess it must be a mixture of all four haha! I tend to wear dark colors mostly black and grey and these will more often than not be in the form of leggings or skinny jeans with baggy tops or graphic tees. One thing I can say for sure is that I have a pretty intense boot fetish. I actually have an entire wall of shelves dedicated to them! On the odd occasion that I wear a dress or skirt I will usually have my black over the knee socks on too. 

ME ♥ Style staples that you consider your must-haves?
ALISON  Our inspiration pretty much came from our interest in fashion. We have both always had a keen sense for styling and would always laugh at how different are styles were and still are. As teenagers Vicki would be dressed in the most glamorous trendy outfits and I would be wearing jeans that I had customized with rips and fabric paint. Not much has changed!

ME ♥ Current trends that you are obsessed about?
ALISON  At the moment I am really loving the A/W 12 leather trend. I've seen so many leather pleated skirts on the high street that I am lusting after. One in particular from Pull & Bear that I will probably have to buy at some point.

ME ♥ 5 personal top picks from your shop and how will you wear or style it?
ALISON  Hmmmm good question. 
Ok first I would have to pick our Spiked Shoulder Dress. I love studs and spikes! I would team this up with black over the knee socks and of course boots :) I have a pair of black, lace up, high heeled ankle boots that would make the outfit look quite punky. I would also have to wear a couple of chunky rings for a bit of jeweled eye candy.

My next pick would be our Leopard Top. I would wear this with a pair of black skinny, high-waisted jeans and a plain black pair of ankle boots. I would also add lots of beaded bracelets and maybe a cropped leather jacket. This would be the type of outfit I would wear for a gig so the boots would have to have high heels as I'm fairly short and always struggle to see over the crowd! :)

My next pick is our Arrow Ring. I'm really into silver jewelry lately and chunky rings always look really cool no matter what outfit they are with. I have chosen this one because it looks great on and the cut out arrow design reminds me of the Hunger Games which I'm really into!

My next pick is going to have to be our Leopard Print Leggings. I really love these leggings, I think they look fab with so many different outfits. I would really like to try wearing these underneath a pair of ripped, distressed jeans so that you can just see the leopard print peeking through areas of the ripped jeans. I think flared jeans would work best for this look with a plain black long sleeved top for a really casual but thought out look.

I've saved the best for last, my final pick would be our Black Chiffon Skirt and this one's going to be really specific. I'm loving drop hem style skirts and I am actually dying to wear this one hehe. I would wear this with some black mid calf military boots. Lots of chunky silver charm bracelets, and a baggy fitting dark grey jumper tucked into the skirt - long sleeves rolled up to 3/4 length. Like I said.... very specific :D I have an image of this outfit in my head that just makes me smile.

ME ♥ Designers you look up to?
ALISON  My all time favorite designer brand has to be Wildfox. I literally love everything about this company from the name (I love foxes!) to the models and photo-shoots and of course the absolutely gorgeous clothes.
ME ♥ What's in your bag?
ALISON  Haha maybe it would be easier to ask what's not in my bag! I'm constantly having to empty my bag to filter out the rubbish. I seem to accumulate a ton of receipts and sweets. Literally a few days ago I found a few skittles in there! The things I wouldn't be without are my make up bag, umbrella, keys and most importantly my phone- I would be lost without it.

ME ♥ Any current reads? All-time favorites?
ALISON  I am currently reading Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita which was sent to me a couple of years ago now by a friend and I am only just getting around to reading it. I read the Hunger Games books over summer and loved them all. My all time favorite book would have to be The Pact, written by Jodi Picoult about a teenage suicide--sounds very morbid but I'm not one for light hearted reads and I promise it's a really great book. I love a story with lots of twists, and eerie suspense. 
ME ♥ Music you listen to while working or brainstorming about a new design?
ALISON  I'll generally listen to bands like Blink 182, Jimmy Eat World, and All American Rejects. But I also throw a little Florence & The Machine in there and I'm even prone to some Miley Cyrus tunes!
ME ♥ Thank you so much Alison for allowing me to interview you and sharing this piece to the world. More power to the shop!

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