New In: Gifts and Hauls of 2012

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

 red flats from Solemate
This was 2 for Php 349.00 so I got my sister a black pair so we can be matchy-matchy.
I have always wanted to have one since I think it is one of the pieces that you can mix and match all through out the year.
I got this from Sheinside when I won a voucher from a polyvore contest. Here is the set that won third place.
 Soiree dress from SM Department Store (Girls' Teens Wear)
Again, I've been in search for a dress or a top with a scarf print. Imagine the glee I experienced when I saw this dress. It is available in three colors but this one is more striking than the others. Plus, it was perfect for the pantone this year.
purple bowler hat and a pink bow tie from SM Department Store
I saw the hat in the kids' section and I just can't resist it. I was planning to buy the black one but when I went back, it was already out of stock. So I guess I should explore more colors by choosing purple. Also I finally got myself a bow tie after searching for it for years.
 SM Gold bag
We got this after we reached a certain amount of purchase which I cannot remember. I've been having short-term memory gap recently. I guess it's because of the lack of sleep. Anyhow, we got another in pink and in emerald green, too.
 baller band and Maybelline Baby Lips from Cette Taille
I won this from Cette Taille's giveaway and so glad that I opened this on Christmas like a gift! Same as with the ones below. Thank you so much to Cette Taille for this.

2 Butter London nail polish & a letter from Blushing Noir
I was in awe when I received this package! Look at the color of the packaging on the first photo plus the cute animal print pack enclosing the nail polishes. I also won this in a giveaway, this time of Blushing Noir. I love the colors and I can't wait to use them. What was really heart-warming was the letter included in the package. I think it makes things more sentimental.
sandals & emerald tasseled flats from SM Parisian
I was planning to buy the Sensei shoes designed by Rajo because I love shoes that are really unique and scene-stealing but all the pairs left were chipped and has damages that I was planning to swallow and take just to get a pair. My sister talked me out of it and brought me back to my senses. So I didn't. In turn, I got myself two pairs which I saved and hoarded since they were the last pairs as well. These served as my parents gift to me this Christmas. They also gave me a gift certificate for my birthday that I wasn't able to include here.

This was sent for me by Lockie and Lulu. You'll be seeing this a lot on my recent outfits that I will be posting soon.
2013 Starbucks Planner in Green
This was given to me by my sister, Arianne and it was perfect since I needed it now in my life. I need to be more organized. I also got a Beauty & Butter unlimited manicure from her but I wasn't able to post it here.
black and pink make-up bag and Nyx lip gloss from my cousin, Kate | sequin collar necklace and Shiseido eyeshadow from the Moriyamas
These are lovely presents from my relatives which I really cherish. I can't wait to use them this year.
These are a sweet gift from my dear friend and owner of Love Lila, Sameena Bruce. This should have arrived earlier last year but for some reason it reached another city and took a long time to be correctly sent to me. Oh well, at least I have it now.

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