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Thursday, December 06, 2012

What I'm wearing: top bought in Bangkok • skirt Forever 21

I will always be fascinated by fall fashion despite the climate in our country that is hindering me to wear the thick coats, even those with fur, tights all day long, etc. But in order to give myself the satisfaction, sometimes you just have to do it and go "tiis ganda" as we call it here. It means you just have to suck it all up (in my case the heat and the ruthless stares of people). This is the fourth look for my Back to School series.
The fall staples in my look were the boots and the chiffon skirt. But what I did was to a add summer flare on the outfit by using accessories in bright hues. It also complimented the print of my top.

 zebra-print clutch bag NMC Bags

Again, the clutch bag did justice to my look. It gave that extra oomph on my look because of how it stands out. It always gets the attention it deserves.
(L-R) New Gent Edition Swatch • pink ribbon ring Forever 21 • bangles bought in Palawan

gold geometric triangle body harness c/o Fashuun Village • belt Forever 21

Remember my post about Fashuun Village and on how will I experiment on wearing it in different ways (see it here). I used it as a necklace but I made an illusion of wearing two pieces of chains when I am actually only wearing one.
hat Forever 21 • earrings borrowed from my sister

As you can see on the polyvore set above, I included a denim jacket and glasses. I would always be a sucker for that combination so I plan to do a number on that in the future. Anyway since I'm still looking for the perfect denim piece, I make it up by using a hat. It added a dramatic effect on my outfit making me look like a Doña. HAHA.
socks Forever 21 • boots So You Shoes

Beauty Mark: Majolica Majorca Lash and Brow Colorist • MAC Pink Nouveau Lipstick • Covergirl and Olay Simply Ageless Concealer
I wore this after our overnight at Sofitel and had lunch at Sakura. After the sumptuous meal of yakiniku and sushi, we transferred to my aunt's bar which we opened for the family.

Not to sound arrogant but kudos to myself because I was able to dance Gangnam in these boots. I was actually really anxious of breaking its heels than getting myself an ankle injury. OC attack on taking care of my stuff. HAHA.

This look will be the proof that I will always love the pink and green combination. I've done it twice that week. ;)

(Photos by Arianne Abella & KC Takasugi)

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