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Saturday, December 01, 2012

 What I wore: dress c/o Oasap • shorts bought in Bangkok

Beauty Mark: Majolica Majorca Lash and Brow Colorist • MAC Pink Nouveau Lipstick • Covergirl and Olay Simply Ageless Concealer
So I fancied using this dress on my cousin's birthday at Sofitel. It was terribly hot that day. It felt a lot like summer, and I know I would be baby-sitting my cousin and her friends at the pool so I knew that it was the perfect day to take this dress out.
Because it was too short, I opted to wear shorts underneath the dress making it look like a top. I was really in the mood to channel a very sweet and girly aura. I don't know how our Japanese and Korean friends do it. They always look cute in anything they wear and do these adorable poses which I didn't see myself doing. Whenever I tried it, I look awkward and sloppy but you know what? When we took these photos, I just feel so light and I want to be all cute and goofy at the same time. I just want to have fun and I did. Prepare yourself for those poses below.

 hat gift

This hat was actually given to me by my dad's office mate. They had this gathering wherein they were given these hats for women and fedoras for the men. My aunt remembered that I was a blogger or in her words, love to dress up and take photos, so she gave me the extra hat. Too bad my dad did not attend the gathering so I can also get his fedora hat. Oh well.

My sister, Arianne, also told me that I can pass as a tourist because they usually wear this kind of hat when they're traveling. (Yikes for the stereotype! But they really do, don't they?) She teased me that my outfit was a preparation for the Japan trip. *crossing my fingers* Does this mean I can already do the adorable outfits and cutesy poses? ♥_♥
 (L-R) gold on white shamballa bracelet c/o Cutey • watch Swatch • friendship bracelets from Singapore • pink ribbon ring Forever 21 • Amelia stacked bracelets Elegante Boutique
 purse bought in Bangkok • socks bought in Japan • boots So You Shoes

To still create a fall look, I wore my boots for a spin. You would just love to parade in these. If only I can have them in all colors!
 earrings Vivilli • clip bought from Japan

To match with my feather print dress, I wore my angel's wings earrings. Then to hid my black ponytail, I used this very pretty clip. Whenever I look at it, it reminds me of Sailor Moon's Crystal Star Brooch which she uses to transform. It has that effect don't you think?
Here's how the shoulder details of this dress look like.

After the serious poses, here I go trying the cutesy ones and just having fun!

I just had three shots for that, including the second photo on this post. I can't really do it. Haha. I'll stick to the blogger poses nalang.

So could my look pass as Korean/Japanese inspired? What do you think? I hope I made it work!

To end this post here's the song where I got the title from which the rocker child in me really love:
(Hair by my mom; photos by Arianne Abella & KC Takasugi)

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