Interview with Nicole Michelle of NMC Bags

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

ME ♥ Hi Nicole! It is great to be interviewing you! I would love to know more about you and the brand. So first things first: what is NMC Bags all about?
NICOLE MICHELLE  Nicole Michelle's Creations is a handmade bag & accessory shop that was created in May 2010. At first, I was creating baby items and dresses for friends but fell in love with making purses. Very early on, I was asked to look into designing photography purses.
(Photo: The Ashley DSLR Camera Purse)
I sat down and designed the Ashley DSLR Camera Purse and soon after the Kayla DSLR Camera Purse. These two beautiful bags inspired me to start drawing more of my own patterns for purses, accessories and many other custom orders.
(Photo: The Kayla Camera Purse)
ME  What are its goals?
NICOLE MICHELLE  My biggest goal is to allow my creativity find its own way through the creation of these beauties. I am trying to let my artist side dictate the progression of my business.

ME  Who or what inspired you to start this business?
NICOLE MICHELLE  I was searching for something. It had been a while since I had sewn and I need something to help me feel as though I was doing something productive for our family as I became a stay-at-home mom. I began with a small machine my mother bought me. It was just what I needed to start. The very first projects were baby items for us that we had been searching for and simply didn't like the prints/trends that we’d find them in. I continued after that to make items for my friends and family's babies. As soon as I found the joy, I could not be stopped. It was 5 months later that I decided to sew my wedding dress. If I could do that, I could do anything.

ME  As a shop owner and an artist, what is your daily routine?
NICOLE MICHELLE  Each day, I walk around with my design journal.  If I get inspired, I scribble it down immediately. Later when I have the time, I'll sit down and draft the pattern. I usually already have a fabric print in mind. At that point, I have to sew. I have to just make it.

ME  Tell us the work environment you have.
NICOLE MICHELLE  I have my own home office with great natural lighting. My main design table is all white and so are the walls. I like giving myself somewhat of a blank canvas.

ME  Out of curiosity, what is the story behind the name of your shop?
NICOLE MICHELLE  Nicole Michelle is my first and middle name.  I've always loved the way it sounded together. It always had great flow to me.

ME  What makes your products unique? Where do you get your inspiration for the designs? Do the current trends influence your designs too? How do you keep it interesting?
NICOLE MICHELLE  Since I design my own patterns, they are technically unique. As for their styles, I do get a lot of inspiration from current trends. When I feel an inspiration block, I love to go to the mall and stroll through the accessory sections of all the different stores. Pinterest is also a big inspiration hub for me as well as fashion magazines.

ME  Do you have a new line that we can look forward to?
NICOLE MICHELLE  My shop has not had lines, but I do try to continually stock a variety of new fabrics from designers that I love; Amy Butler, Joel Dewberry, Michael Miller, Robert Kaufman, Sandi Henderson, Valori Wells and more.

ME  Do you have an actual shop that people can visit? If yes, where is it located? If not, do you plan on having one?
NICOLE MICHELLE  I do not. Being a military family, it's hard to attempt to have a shop but I have sold wholesale to various boutiques across the United States.

ME  Let's move on to a more personal note! Do you have a personal blog?
NICOLE MICHELLE  Nicole Michelle's It has my story as well as shop news, giveaways, DIY and recipes.

ME  How do you define your personal style?
NICOLE MICHELLE  I like comfort. If I had the choice, I'd wear my black low top converse everywhere. This is something like what I would wear just about anywhere.

Shabby Chic Grey'N'Pink by ster-dub featuring aviator sunglasses

Here’s something I would typically wear when dressing up.

ME  Style staples that you consider your must-haves?
NICOLE MICHELLE  I have at least 9 different black dresses and 15 pairs of jeans. I'd have to say those are definitely my fashion necessities. Beyond those, I love a pea coat, good scarf and a flashy wallet!

ME  Current trends that you are obsessed about?
NICOLE MICHELLE  Scarves! Lots and lots of fun printed scarves! 

ME  Share some of your designs and tell us how will you wear or style it?

NICOLE MICHELLE  All of my designs & fabric print choices allow for everyday use. At the moment, I'm back to my brown polka dotted accessories for a checkbook, key loop and card holder.
ME  Since the money holder has a polka dot print, I told myself why not create an outfit inspired by it. A polka dot overload!

NICOLE MICHELLE  [Money Holder] Works perfectly in my Kayla Camera bag!
ME  The colors consisting The Kayla Camera Purse are yellow/lime green and gray so I incorporated it on the look. I was also torn between the boots and the heels. I guess both look good together with the outfit.

ME  Favorite designers?
NICOLE MICHELLE I'm addicted to Vera Wang, Donna Karen, Dooney & Bourke, Coach, Victoria's Secret's PINK and Steve Madden.

ME  What's in your bag?
NICOLE MICHELLE  My design journal, wallet, planner, small make-up bag with a variety of lip stuff, Wonderstuck lotion, a business card holder and my contacts' book.

ME  Any current reads? All-time favorites?
NICOLE MICHELLE  I have been reading only textbooks or blogs lately, but I love James Patterson books.

ME  Music you listen to while working or brainstorming about a new design?
NICOLE MICHELLE  Jack Johnson has been the most recent on repeat as well as David Guetta's album.

ME  Thank you so much Nicole for allowing me to interview you and sharing this piece to the world. More power to the shop!

For more designs and information about Nicole Michelle Creations:
Visit her shop here
Visit her blog here
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