Floral Palazzo

Saturday, November 24, 2012

What I'm wearing: top Taiwan • floral palazzo pants NY Square (SM Ladies Department) • earrings borrowed from my sister

Beauty Mark: Majolica Majorca Lash and Brow Colorist • MAC Viva La Glam (Nicki Minaj) Lipstick • c/o Two Crafty Unicorns vanilla tint lip balm
I know that I still owe you three looks for my back to school series but I have a lot of backlogs so here's what I wore when I had a Sun-date with my parents.
On the other side of the world, for sure it is starting to get cold and they are starting to feel that winter is approaching. But here in the Philippines, it's like summer all year round though there are days when we can still shiver for a brief time. So a summer-themed outfit is always acceptable. The summer staple consists of prints, whether tribal/aztec or floral, and bright colors. Hello neon!
I bought my palazzo pants months ago and this is my first time to wear it. Since it has hues of pink and green, I decided to play with those colors and match it with accessories that will compliment each other.

 bag Furla Candy bag
I love items in jelly form so when my sister got this, I would always borrow it from her if it matches my outfit. But we have rules. We can only borrow each others' stuff when (a) we're going out together; (b) I'm with my parents. Well, I guess it's just a rule that I abide to since I do not want any sibling conflict formulating between us. Haha.
 heels Rubies Rising
 This was actually my first time to take these babies for a spin. Oh and yes, I became really tall and I love it. I have a habit of always looking at my feet in admiration when I am wearing shoes like these. There's just an unexplained euphoria occurring to me. I guess shoe lovers out there know how that feels.
necklace Oasap

I use this necklace to bring out an illusion that it is part of the shirt's collar.
 (L-R) bangles from Palawan & Divisoria • gold on white shamballa bracelet c/o Cutey • watch Claire's • Life at Sea Nautical Charm bracelet Sincerely Sweet Boutique • pink ribbon ring Forever 21

The accessories I put together are just perfect for the outfit I'm going for. I've been always a fan of stacked accessories even before it was called arm candy or arm party. I even remember my friend telling me that I could wear it up to my elbow but it was just an exaggeration. When I was in college, I would always stack my beaded bracelets and some baller bands that will create a one-piece illusion.
At first glance, people will think or even say that I am snobbish. But the truth is, I am actually pretty crazy in a sense that I can be very goofy and my friends can attest to that. I would also kid around and get awkward when I ask my siblings and friends to take photos for me. Regardless of having a blog (where I pose whenever it is necessary), I'm a tad bit shy. I guess  I always need a boost and I need to warm up for a bit before I get my mojo back. Hence, the photo above.

Have a great weekend!

(Photos by KC Takasugi)

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