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Saturday, October 27, 2012

DISCLAIMER: Because the artist wanted to remain anonymous, I was asked to not mention his/her name. Also a photo is not necessary so use your imagination!
ME ♥ Hi! It is great to be interviewing you! I would love to know more about you and the brand. So first things first: what is Jubly-Umph all about?
JUBLY-UMPH  I am an artist based out of Melbourne, Australia who works in paper, watercolors  ink and wood. I love tattoos (although I have none), vintage ephemera and pin up girls and most of my art is based on these things. My partner and I then create jewelry, handbags, cards and prints out of my artwork under the brand Jubly-Umph Originals.

ME  What is its goals?
JUBLY-UMPH  Our goals are to bring art to the masses and be able to support ourselves as artists full time.

ME  Who or what inspired you to start this business?
JUBLY-UMPH  I started this business in 2009 when I first discovered a love of tattoo art but realized that I couldn't commit to a tattoo. So the conclusion was to make tattoo style jewelry that could be changed everyday.

ME  As a shop owner and an artist, what is your daily routine?
JUBLY-UMPH  I get up around 8 am and put on a pot of coffee. I love coffee. It is probably the most important thing in the morning for me. I then usually check emails and go through a list of things that needs to be done for the day. Each day is completely different, which I love, and can include anything from packaging orders, to painting or organizing new products.

ME  Tell us the work environment you have.
JUBLY-UMPH  My studio is still a work in progress. It has two desks, many knickknacks, fresh flowers from the garden and a picture wall featuring some of my favorite paintings by myself and other artists.
ME  Out of curiosity, what is the story behind the name of your shop?
JUBLY-UMPH  Jubly-Umph has many meanings and people are constantly coming along and telling me a new one. But the story is that the name is completely made up and nonsense, just like the artworks themselves.

ME  What makes your products unique? Where do you get your inspiration for the designs? Does the current trends influence your designs too? How do you keep it interesting?
JUBLY-UMPH  The products are unique because they are all made in small runs and feature artwork that you can’t get anywhere else. I am a small indie artist and this is a small indie company and for our customers wearing the jewelry can feel like you are in a secret club.

I am influenced by current trends but I always try and put a special Jubly spin on it. For example, after we had been asked about a hundred times for owl themed things I finally painted and owl. But it is a one eyed owl. He was attacked by a small bird and lost his eye…

ME  Do you have a new line that we can look forward to?
JUBLY-UMPH  We have just released a new line of solid stainless steel and resin jewelry. This features 5 new Jubly designs such as an anchors, lucky horseshoes and mermaids.

We are also about to release a range of handbags and wallets in the next few weeks.

ME  Do you have an actual shop that we can visit? If yes, where is it located? If not, do you plan on having one?
JUBLY-UMPH  I don’t have a physical shop just an online one ( I used to co-run a shop in Melbourne a few years ago but found it was too difficult trying to run two businesses as well as paint and I really just wanted to concentrate on one. I don’t think I would run a shop again.

ME  Let's move on to a more personal note! Do you have a personal blog? If yes, what is it about?
JUBLY-UMPH  I have a blog here: which I write little articles on craft projects, fashion layouts and outings/events. I like the craft projects the most and have a lot of fun making and then blogging about them. My next project is making a set of library style drawers from an ikea box.

ME  How do you define your personal style?
JUBLY-UMPH  Vintage and indie. I have a lot of friends who are small independent fashion designers and I wear a lot of their clothes. I like wearing things that no one else has.

ME  Style staples that you consider your must-haves?
JUBLY-UMPH  Lush cherry cardigan (can be found here:, Cowboy boots, and pencil skirts

ME  Current trends that you are obsessed about?
JUBLY-UMPH  Braids. I have a pinterest board dedicated to it and have been trying out new styles every day.

ME  5 personal top picks from your shop and how will you wear or style it?

JUBLY-UMPH  This is my all time favorite and I wear it almost every day.
ME  The key piece here is Jubly-Umph's Bandit Queen necklace. So I created what I feel like can be a modern take on a bandit's outfit. The girl wearing this would definitely be a badass.

JUBLY-UMPH  This is probably the most tattoo like. Great worn with a low cut top.
ME  The key piece here is Jubly-Umph's Swallow & Lock necklace. So I incorporated the necklace's colors on the outfit. I also made sure that the necklace will stand out on the outfit. It has a summery feel and the colors are vibrant making the wearer a head-turner.

Day of the Dead Kitties
JUBLY-UMPH  These are great for everyday wear and go with many outfits.
ME  The key piece here is Jubly-Umph's Day of the Dead Kitty Cat studs. I searched for a cat-print sweater and stick with the very laid-back look for fall. Black and white will also add mystery to its wearer like how enigmatic the earrings' design is.

JUBLY-UMPH  Perfect to jazz up a cardigan
ME  The key piece here is Jubly-Umph's Rose Cardigan clips. When I saw this dress, I knew that the clips could work with it. I imagine a very sophisticated woman wearing this. Because I am currently reading the Pretty Little Liars series, I can see Spencer Hastings with this outfit. It shows a smart, classy woman which Spencer's character exudes.

Ruby Birdhead
JUBLY-UMPH  [It] goes well with red and black
ME  The key piece here is Jubly-Umph's Ruby Birdhead necklace. According to Jubly-Umph goes well with red and black so I incorporated the colors with this look which made the necklace standout.

ME  Artists you look up to?
JUBLY-UMPH  I love modern artists like Mark Ryden, Angelique Houtkamp, Rose Hardy, Vali Myers as well as illustrators I grew up with such as Mervyn Peake, John Tenniel, Arthur Rackham, Chas Addams and Edward Gorey.

ME  What's in your bag?
JUBLY-UMPH  Sunglasses, mascara, lipstick, pocket mirror, allan key, pens and notebook.

ME  Any current reads? All-time favorites?
JUBLY-UMPH  I always have a pile of books by my bed. I just reread my favorite novel, The Shipping News, and have the Hunger Games ready to start.

ME  Some recent designs or drawings you can share to us.
JUBLY-UMPH  I have just finished 2 new paintings. The first is called La Luna and the second is The Plague Doctor.
(La Luna)
(the Plague Doctor)
ME  Just for fun: Harry Potter or Twilight?
JUBLY-UMPH  I have read both and loved Harry Potter and could reread that (and watch the movies) over and over. I was a bit disturbed by the Twilight series as I found the relationship between Bella and Edward to be very destructive and not a great role model for teenagers. (I couldn't even sit through all the movies)

ME  Thank you so much for allowing me to interview you and sharing this piece to the world. More power to the shop!

For more information about Jubly-Umph:
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