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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

I was one of the lucky few to be a Tweetseater for the opening show of Potted Potter here in Manila. As I have the said role, I will tweet non-stop about the show and update my dear readers on what's happening. Well, I feel one lucky Potterhead to be able to watch such a fun show.
As I read this, it hit me that it was like my own Hogwarts Acceptance letter without the owls and all that flying envelopes while I am struggling to get one.
Because I was one of the early birds, I took some photos while roaming around the whole floor. 

(Photo: Google)
The Verdict
Potted Potter is one of the best Harry Potter related show I have ever seen! Oh yes, it is bloody brilliant! Jesse Briton and Gary Trainor were great actors. Each punchlines were delivered perfectly that I think all of us watching has a crack rib or two. The show did not disappoint. It kept on making us laugh like lunatics and there was never a dull moment. Even up to now, I can still play the scenes and utter their lines then it will make me end up laughing by myself which I know only those who have seen the show can relate to. I find it really witty when they inserted some Filipino jokes or lines that not only amazed the crowd, but made it more "relatable." Also, hands down to Jesse for doing almost all the characters and kudos to Gary for being a Harry Potter whiz!
(Photo: Google)
My favorite scenes were, of course, Quidditch and the mini concert towards the end. Feeling like a cool kid for experiencing Quidditch and it made me definitely proud to see my house win. #SlytherinPride it is! Oh I know, I was wearing red but here's a proof that I am really green-blooded:
Anyhow, the Slytherin seeker was lucky to get to taste the chocolate frog! It made me want to fly there and grab it ala Draco Malfoy in the remembrall scene. But congratulations to her!
The mini concert was beyond hilarious! I will definitely buy their album if they plan to have one. The songs was pretty cool and I will never forget one of Lord Voldemort's lines: "As long as I have seven souls, I know I'll stay alive..." The beat made me want to dance but I should remain seated. 
After the show, we were able to meet and greet with Gary and Jesse, and also have a "fan sign" from them. Unfortunately, I was too shy to asked someone to take a photo of me and two of my favorite Brits. Oh the blue of being alone. But I took photos of them.

I asked Jesse for a photo but he was too giddy and hyper that the photo turned out blur afterwards. Haha. I find this guy really cute. Who can't resist his accent and charm?

Here are my goodies from the show that I will definitely treasure:

The story behind this is funny. Gary signed my book and put glasses on his photo. I even told him that the scar was missing. That's why he gladly put one as well. When Jesse saw it, he laughed on why Gary did that to his photo. The naughty guy he is, Jesse put horns on his photo.

(Photo by Gab Alvarez)
I will never forget this show and will forever cherish the experience. Every show was unique so it was definitely a one of a kind experience for those who watched it. I am still in a Harry Potter daze and still can't get over it. According to Ticketworld, they will be back on January. Yahoo! I will definitely watch it again!

Thank you Ms. Gab Alvarez and Ticketworld for the invite!

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