Interview with Hettie Silovitz of Hettie Hair Accessories

Thursday, September 20, 2012

ME ♥ Hi Hettie! How are you? I'm really excited about this interview and I want to thank you first fo allowing me to interview you.
HETTIE  Thank you for the opportunity ☺

ME  So I want to share your shop, Hettie Silovitz, to my readers. What is it all about?
HETTIE  I started my collection, Hettie Hair Accessories, last summer. I opened my Etsy shop in August 2011. I design one-of-a-kind fascinator hats, headbands, and French barrettes for all occasions! My pieces are original and unique. I have something for everyone! 

ME  What is the aim of your shop?
HETTIE  To design fun and whimsical but still classic and elegant fascinator hats, headbands, and barrettes for all occasions using unique interesting appliqués, flowers, beading, silk, organza, satin, and pearls! 

ME  Why did you focus on hair accessories? Who or what inspired you to start the business?
HETTIE  I went to the Fashion Institute of Technology and received my Bachelors in Fashion Merchandising and also took a few accessories and jewelry design classes on the side. After graduating, I worked in the cosmetics industry for 6 years as a sales manager. My most recent job was at Bergdorf Goodman, where I worked near the hair accessories department. That is when, I started a collection of headbands from different designers and fell in love with wearing them every day to style my outfits. After leaving the cosmetics world, I decided that I wanted to combine my passion for design and my love of hair accessories and start my own line!!

ME  What is your daily routine as a shop owner?
HETTIE  I spend half the week working on new designs, ordering materials, and photographing and uploading my designs for my Etsy shop and the other half filling orders from my Etsy shop-making the pieces ☺

ME  Tell us your work environment.
HETTIE  I work from home. My studio is in the corner near my kitchen, lol ☺

ME  How do you keep your products up to date? Where do you get your inspiration? How do you keep it unique?
HETTIE  I read a lot of fashion magazines as well as different fashion blogs online. I always stay current with what’s happening on the runways. I use a little bit of everything I see. Many of my designs have bold, bright colors that are whimsical and fun! I love using flowers, appliqués, crystals, and beads which adds a unique touch! I love working with silk, satin, lace, organza, ribbon, and pearls as well. Many of my pieces are also very elegant and delicate and are perfect for bridal and weddings. I get my materials from all over the world, and work with small vendors not the mainstream ones, so more unique items are available to me. 

ME  Do you have an actual store? (Where is it located?) If not, do you also plan on having one?
HETTIE  Right now I just have my Etsy shop, I definitely plan on being in retail stores! I am always reaching out to buyers from different retailers so maybe soon.

ME  So let's move on to your personal style. Do you have your own style blog?
HETTIE  No, not yet.

ME  How do you define your style?
HETTIE  J. Crew classic with trendy accessories. I love stripes, the nautical look as well as Milly and Marc Jacobs dresses with fun prints! 

ME  Any trends that you are obsessed about?
HETTIE  I love anything with multi-color stripes, the nautical look, flats, loafers, leather tote bags ☺

ME  5 personal top picks from your shop.
HETTIE  I love all the halo headbands from my shop… Here are a few, as well as a fabulous nautical headband and flower fascinator hat!
It is bright, colorful, chic, fashionable, and fun!! A beautiful Spring/Summer piece that will add something special to your event!!
It is elegant, romantic, stylish, and chic! Will definitely add a sparkling glamorous touch to your outfit!!
It is elegant, chic, and super glamorous! Will definitely add a sparkling touch to your outfit!!
It is cute, fun, fashionable, and chic! The perfect Spring/Summer piece that will definitely add a special touch to your outfit!!
This Red Organza Flower Feather Sinamay Fascinator Hat with Veil and Black Beaded Headband is a beautiful accessory for weddings, parties, cocktail, and other special occasions.
ME Any current reads?
(Photo: Google)
HETTIE  [I] Want to start reading 50 shades of Grey.

 Just random: Harry Potter or Twilight?
HETTIE  Twilight definitely! ☺

Wait there's more, Hettie offered 20% discount on my Etsy shop with code “Summer20” and a giveaway that I will post soon so watch out for it. Thank you to Hettie and more power to your shop!

So guys, what are you waiting for? SHOP NOW!

To know more about Hettie Hair Accessories and for more updates:
Visit her website here
Follow them on Twitter here

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