Bookgasm: The Pajama Challenge - Day 10

Monday, September 03, 2012

Disclaimer: The sets do not show the exact descriptions but only interpretations or substitutes.

Challenge for Day 10: Classic Flannel Gown in Antique Lilac
Fairy Tales
Flannel gown. As soon as the word sunk in my mind, I imagined Wendy telling stories about pirates, mermaids, and fairies to her younger brothers. I watched her as she dozed off by the window because of too much daydreaming. I also imagined Sarah, the little princess, telling her friends different stories from dragons to castles to princesses and knights.

This is actually one trait that I shared with these two girls. I always fantasize, imagine and dream of wonderland where I get to see different places, different creatures and characters. This wonderland is my books. It is a magical piece of art where we feel whimsical and in a daze of fairy dust.

I picked this flannel gown because it is perfect for a little girl--or a lady--who sees herself as a princess who lives in a faraway castle. She can travel from one land to another without the royal guards noticing that she even left the room. It is perfect for running away from dragons, too because it is very loose. Her only weapons? A sprinkle of an enticing perfume will do to attract and find the most handsome and bravest knight or prince in all the lands. The bracelet charm that was a gift from her fairy godmother and other fairy friends to protect her from the evil witch and her wicked forces. The shoes that will be a perfect fit that once worn, will turn the flannel to a stunning dress.

Marion Quitasol's interpretation of Chapter 10:
Relaxing moments: Drinking champagne while listening to music or reading a good book in a rocker glider. 
These are the things I imagine in the near future if I would be alone in my own house or an old apartment. Not that I'm planning to be single forever but, I still haven't seen myself with a family. 
Matching a comfortable flannel long gown with a purple slippers are just right for this setting.
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What's your take on Chapter 10?

The eleventh challenge is: Lace Garterbelt in Peppermint

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