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Monday, August 06, 2012

Looking for a brand that will give you the look similar to your favorite celebrities or style icons in an affordable price? Love Lila is just the right brand for you!
Love Lila is an online shopping brand which showcases pieces that are not only affordable but also exudes elegance and luxe. Their items are trendy and stylish. It is current, young, fun and fashion forward. They also provide looks that can help you channel the outfits of your favorite celebrities, from Kim Kardashian to Kate Middleton.

The range they offer varies from dresses to skirts, jackets to leggings, bags and accessories, and a lot more. They also regularly update their products and again, fashionistas from the UK are lucky because they deliver it there for free.
Here are my favorite items from Love Lila:
I have my eye on this dress ever since. I love the fishtail style of the dress. It has a dramatic effect on it that makes it suitable for a casual day or an event.
Baroque Bodycon Dress (available in pink & blue)
I am a fan of print dresses. It makes it easier to style it because it only requires less accessories. Plus bodycons can be styled differently now and then. It can be worn by itself or you can use it as a top.

PS. The girl on the right is Harry Potter's Afshan Azads who played Padma Patil on the movies.
For those who have been reading my blog, you definitely know my love for laces. This dress inspired by what Kate Middleton wore is not one but it actually looks like it. It is very classy and it exudes sophistication. Feel the royalty with this dress.
This dress is just so cute and very sweet. I love how it looks so girly and how the style is inspired by the 60s dresses.
Stripe is always a must have for me in my closet. The fact that it was sheer is a plus.

My all time favorite is the military jacket. I am always in the hunt for the perfect one and I can say that I have found it through Love Lila. The buttons and the the design were well placed. It gives off a "Welcome to the Black Parade" vibe that I have always wanted to rock.
Ever have that feeling when you want to wear a knitted jumper on a very sunny day. This will make it easier because it is see-through so it tones the absorbed heat down. You can wear it with shorts or skirts, too, and of course the bun!
Another baroque piece that I am in love with. Don't you just love how strong the prints and the colors are, and how they really stand out?
When I saw this in Love Lila's new arrivals, all I can say is, "wow!" It definitely reminds me of Alexander McQueen's version. What can I say? Luxe for Less it is!
Again, for my dear readers, you know how much I love vintage and how I am so much inspired by Audrey Hepburn. This one is another staple that I highly recommend. Black and white just signifies class and elegance in a simple way.

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Watch out for my exclusive interview with the lovely lady behind Love Lila!

Want Luxe for Less? Visit Love Lila!

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