Bookgasm: The Pajama Challenge - Day 9

Monday, August 27, 2012

Disclaimer: The sets do not show the exact descriptions but only interpretations or substitutes.

Challenge for Day 9: Stretch Satin Demi-Cup Bra in Ivory
Romeo & Juliet
The idea just surprisingly came to me as I was looking for a demi-cup bra. When I saw the piece, the name struck me. It was named Juliet with little ivory ribbons. I thought, what if it was Juliet Capulet? What would she wear in this modern era? Knowing the love story, the star-crossed lovers defied rules and disobeyed their families. That made me not follow the theme as well and did not stick to ivory which should be the dominant color. I know I have been doing that because there were no pieces available to use but now I am certainly being a rebel for not using those I've seen.

I browsed and picked numerous photos of Romeo & Juliet that greatly inspired me to do the different looks and the whole set.

Juliet's balcony. Quotes from the love story. White dress or wedding gown. Ballet. Angel wings. Red roses. Dagger. Masks. Kiss. Death.

On the first look, I wanted to create a modern outfit for Juliet, It is something she can wear in a party with a gold mask to hide her beautiful face that will bedazzle Romeo as soon as he sees her. The gold details are perfect to show her position in the society and her family's power. The lace corset-like top will signify the traditional lady.

The second look would be the white dress she would've worn on her wedding day. I want her to have that Grecian goddess look but in a very innocent way because she was still really young by that time. I also chose a lace up sandals to pair with the dress. It both goes with the goddess/angel look I am aiming for. I would want her to be able to run with Romeo after the ceremony. The wings signifies the freedom she would have wanted to attain from her family so that she can live freely with her beloved.

The third look would be perfect for their first night together. I do not want it to look too sexy for Juliet. So I used a lace boyshorts to pair with the lace bra with ivory details. Yes, I still included a little ivory on the look.

Hope you liked it.

PS. As I was typing these, I am still in a daze and daydreaming about the couple. Thinking of what could've been. The what ifs. What a tragic love story...

Marion Quitasol's interpretation of Chapter 9:
A demi bra gives an impression of a voluptuous figure in combination with the thong. In contrast with this seductive underwear, I have incorporated a loose white shirt and a soft bootie which are perfect for a comfortable night wear.
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What's your take on Chapter 9?

The tenth challenge is: Classic Flannel Gown in Antique Lilac

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