Bookgasm: The Pajama Challenge - Day 5

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Disclaimer: The sets do not show the exact descriptions but only interpretations or substitutes.

Challenge for Day 5: Signature Cotton Sleepshirt with Three-Quarter Sleeves in Starlight Blue

J Crew cotton shirt
3,295 PHP -

Victoria s secret
530 PHP -

Victoria s Secret lace panty
170 PHP -

High heel pumps

Bourjois eyeshadow

Lip treatment

Nail polish
Here is another round of The Pajama Challenge. As soon as I've read the first seven words of the chapter title, I just know what set I should create. The words that I will look for just formed in my mind.

A loose boyfriend shirt/polo • lace • bed head/hair • nude lips • smoky eyes

I pictured the sexy girlfriend ala Serena van der Woodsen aka Blake Lively waiting for Dan or Nate, whoever is her current squeeze. ... Enough of the imagination. Sorry it really comes randomly in my creative mind that is greatly influenced by books. Anyhow, for me what really is sexy is when you are not at all bare naked. I would love to have hid some parts because it creates a mysterious illusion. Don't you love taking them all off? I think it's much more exciting (*insert British accent and emphasize on 'much'*). I showed the starlight blue through the nail polish because again, it was difficult to look for the exact thing.

PS. Excuse the words and descriptions. I just think it is highly appropriate for the theme. It does not reflect my personality. I am highly the opposite.

Mia of the Teenage Beauty Blogger's interpretation of Chapter 5:
The Pajama Challenge 5

Path From Your Bubble Bath Sleep Top
1,945 PHP -

Path From Your Bubble Bath Sleep Top
1,945 PHP -

High heel pumps
3,760 PHP -

Lipsy feather drop earrings
530 PHP -

Kate spade necklace
6,255 PHP -

Nail polish
380 PHP -


Blue and Black Cat 
The cat mask is elegant and pretty like the pyjamas. It is all black as sometimes not having any colour at all, can make things look more classy and elegant. It is sort of a sleepshirt/nightdress and the spots just give it a bit of detail.
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Marion Quitasol's interpretation of Chapter 5:
Starlight blue

Elle Macpherson Intimates lace bra
3,600 PHP -

Elle Macpherson Intimates lace panty
2,115 PHP -

Pantone socks
1,130 PHP -

- Christine fleurs -


sleep shirt

Bluer Than Blue 
I have made this set a simple starlight blue combining the underwear by Elle MacPherson with the sleep shirt. I have added the slipper socks for a cozy feeling especially during winter season.
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What's your take on Chapter 5?

The sixth challenge is: Seamless Sheer Black Hose with Floral-Lace Garter Belt

To join us in this challenge, submit your set here:

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