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Sunday, July 08, 2012

Latest Street Fashion
Oasap is a global online store dedicated to high-street fashion by offering various kinds of women’s apparel, bags, shoes, jewellery, accessories, etc. Oasap was founded in late 2011, however, has already had thousands of SKU by far. They keep updating products at a high rate every day. 
Now Oasap update more than 500 new products each week. Those products mentioned definitely belong to the latest fashion trend. Oasap's mission is to make you close to the planet's most cutting-edge fashion, no matter where you are or what class or age group you are in. Pursuing fashion is the right of every woman.

I came across this shop last year due to my habit of online window shopping and I might say they are one of my favorites. They have a wide range of style that can cater the needs of women out there. From edgy to very sophisticated pieces. Signing up for the first time? Oasap will welcome you with 20% OFF on your first order!
Their site is very user-friendly for its customers. Another thing I love about OASAP is that they really are accommodating when it comes to your inquiries about your purchase, their stocks, delivery, etc. Plus, they do reward their loyal customers once in a while through very generous giveaways. So sign up for their newsletter here and watch out for it.

Here are some of their new arrivals that made me crave for immediate retail therapy:
I definitely love the very sophisticated vibe of this dress and also the intricate details on the polo. I have this obsession with lace or just even lace details so expect a lace explosion.

It has that very feminine and romantic look to it that is very refreshing. I will definitely wear this in a date with pretty heels. For a casual day or to make it edgy, I can also wear it with a denim vest/jacket or a leather one, plus boots!

I saw this on Oasap worn with floral pants. Talk about clash of prints! Definitely a must-have!

Another lace outfit that can be worn for a date or to the beach. Depends on where you will pair the top.

Since I can't find my old pink jumpers, I have been wanting to have a new one and in denim. And now, the trend is back and it has that vintage vibe that I like. You can style it in various ways.
Another trend obsession, I have is denim. So I love the different combos whether it is with another denim piece, lace or floral prints. I think it really tames the boldness of the material's texture.

I just love neon. It is the perfect attention-getter. The color is just vibrant that you cannot take your eyes off it.

Another neon piece. Aside from the color, the irregular design really caught my attention. It has this 'thing' that I can put into words. It makes me want to figure out the dress.

Can't find a 'terno' suit? The best substitute is a jumpsuit. I love the solid colors and the big prints that it doesn't look floral on first glance.
(Click the photo to join)
For those fashion savvies out there, I am happy to say that OASAP is looking for you! In the OASAP's fashion hunter program, you can earn freebies exchange for a post on your lookbook, chictopia, blogspot or other social media.

Here's the package I have received recently from them:

My new tights and I can't wait to wear them!

Know more about OASAP and for more updates:
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I tell you, it is a go-to-shop for every girl out there!
Like they say, "Focus on OASAP every day, get surprise every day!"

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