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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Audrey Hepburn. Marilyn Monroe. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. To name a few of our classic beauties and style icons. Ever wonder how to live in their time and wear those fancy dresses, tweed jackets, and midi-skirts that exude regal, feminine and a very sophisticated look?

As a vintage style savvy, I always imagine myself wearing those pieces of clothing and seeing myself in their shoes, looking very refine and elegant. Living in those era, my late abuelita was the closest thing I have to achieve those looks. I always took a peek in her closet and would love to try them on. But due to her very strict teachings, I cannot touch her things without permission. But now that she left everything to me and my sisters, I definitely treasure them. However, the pieces are in the process of repair and cleaning at the moment. So I looked for anything vintage just to satisfy my cravings. When I found The Vintage Set. Imagine the delight I had on my face when I saw their shop.

THE VINTAGE SET is a UK based brand that caters apparels, bags and accessories that may please your vintage taste. They bring trends from the 1920s to the 1980s that the fashion society embraces today. Despite the thought that people usually correlate with vintage--easily broken, old, shabby or tatty--The Vintage Set assures you that you will get the best quality of retro garments. They also ensures the consumers that their price are reasonable for each piece they sell and their online shop is serving 24/7! My favorite thing about their site is that they include tips on how to wear or what other piece to pair the item with!

Here are some pieces from The Vintage Set that really caught my attention:
I love the cowgirl vibe of this shirt. Don't you want to wear it with shorts and boots, wear your hair in a braid and put on a cowboy hat. I've been wanting to do that ever since.
What I love about this polo is that you can wear it in different styles, whether in an androgynous or preppy way.
This skirt reminds me of Lemon of Hart of Dixie. Very feminine and sophisticated. I love the subtlety of the color and print.
This is a skirt that my late abuelita usually wears. Oppose to the first one, I love how this looks striking and definitely an attention-getter. One should wear this with red, bold lips.
The color is just vibrant and it gives off that very light feeling that you would want to wear it every single day.
Perfect brooch to wear on your blazer or top. I love the quaint design. Definitely a must-have.
I just love the print and style of this dress. I think this will never go out of trend.
It is truly chic and elegant. You can never go wrong with a white and gold combo.
Yes, it screams floral and the perfect touch for a preppy look. 
It has that very hippie-slash-tribal vibe that I fell in love with.
I love how it reminds me definitely of Audrey Hepburn. Very Chanel. Any girl should have this in their wardrobe.
A blazer that is perfect for any occasion.

To know more about The Vintage Set and for more updates:
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Watch out for my interview with the person behind The Vintage Set and a surprise awaits you, my dear readers, on my next post!

Got your vintage fix? Visit The Vintage Set now!

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