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Sunday, July 15, 2012

What I wore: top from Japan • crochet cardigan used as a skirt, earrings & satchel bag borrowed from my sister • Sweet Elastic Thin Seam-free Pantyhose with Hearts c/o OASAP • ribbon ring Forever 21 • New Gent edition watch Swatch • key necklace & purple sneakers borrowed from my sister, Airish
(Excuse the expression. I was leaning over the wall when I nearly fell because my dad was staring at me :| )

Sorry for the lack of post these past few days. I was busy attending events, catching up with friends and doing errands for the family. Not only have I experience physical pains but also emotional stress because my auntie-grandma had an accident last Thursday. We are still praying for her fast recovery and I hope you guys will pray for her, too.
Anyhow, remember the package I received from OASAP that I was talking about here? Finally I was able to wear them last Friday when I watched an Eiga Sai film with my friends. During the morning, it was pretty dark that I "assumed" it will rain. Unfortunately, as I was about to go and meet my friends, Mr. Sun came out and he was pretty giddy about it that it was blazing hot that day. Oh well, I had no choice but to be confident while wearing a layered outfit on a very sunny day. A lot of people actually looked at me like I am a freak because of wearing tights that day. Like it was their first time to see a girl wearing pantyhose. Well, I shun those looks and walked very proud. Won't you be proud of these very cute tights from OASAP! DEFINITELY YES! Not only they are pretty, but very comfy too. It's not the usual itchy pantyhose type we, women, suffer from other brands.
This is actually the second version of my outfit. I wore a sweater over what I actually did wear because I was afraid of revealing too much skin when commuting--I am very conservative and I hate people who whistle on women and act like animals that are ready to pounce when they saw some skin. I used the crochet cardigan to cover my bloomers and made it look like an uneven skirt. I was suppose to put my hair in a bun that will make my look a little bit Japanese or even Korean-inspired but I left my elastics at home. Good thing I changed to sneakers in the last minute because it rained pretty hard around six in the evening. I guess the rain helped my outfit looked appropriate. All I need is an umbrella and wellington boots, and I am bound for the English weather. I was actually thinking of that while I was walking on the streets of Ortigas.
Hope you like what I wore and I will share the other look I made out of this tights soon!

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