Interview with Miss Rinku Banga

Monday, July 16, 2012

Remember the post I have about The Artful Bag? Well, the long wait is over. You will finally meet the person behind the UK brand!

ME ♥ Hi Rinku! I'm really glad that I have discovered your shop and for letting me feature you in my blog. First things first: Tell us a little history about The Artful Bag.
RINKU BANGA  I love sparkly clutch bags and I love color -I found that all the clutch bags that I loved were way, way out of my price bracket and I saw a gap in the market for beautiful high quality clutch bags so I started 

ME  What is the main goal of The Artful Bag?

RINKU BANGA  The main goal is to keep it fun--girls love accessories right? Most spend a fair deal on shoes and make-up to finish an outfit a clutch bag is an extension of all of that! I wanted to provide beautiful high quality luxury clutch bags at a fraction of the designer price.

ME  What or who inspired you to start this business?

RINKU BANGA  I studied Art at college and Interior Architecture at The Academy of Art in San Francisco--I have always had a passion for color and pattern and with the help of my family, I have been able to use my passion in a way that I love!

ME  An interesting thought that I would like to find out is the story behind the name. Care to tell us a little something about it.

RINKU BANGA  The name came from the collection we have that I believe are pieces of art--they are all very intricate and lots of attention goes into the detail. The-Artful-Bag seemed very fitting.

ME  Out of curiosity, what is the daily routine for an online shop owner?

RINKU BANGA ship worldwide. Emails are received 24/7 which is great as I can keep up to date with whats going on through my iPhone.

Social media is a great way for me to keep in touch with everyone that loves fashion, design and accessories so time is spent on our Facebook and Twitter pages and also our Youtube channel--I also have a sister website day is spent dealing with suppliers, queries, arranging new designs and stock across both websites- it is not as glamorous as most people would think but I do really enjoy it.

ME  Tell us the work environment you have?

RINKU BANGA  I work in a great office in Birmingham, England is a web based company so we do not currently have a showroom.

ME  How do you keep your products up to date? Or in trend?

RINKU BANGA  A lot of the colors and styles are picked from trends in fashion worldwide--others because of my personal tastes--I read lots of style blogs and also fashion and bridal magazines to see what the latest influences are.

ME  So let's move on to a personal note! Do you have your own style blog?

RINKU BANGA  Currently I do not have my own style blog however the-artful-bag does have a blog--

ME  How do you define your style?

RINKU BANGA  I like color -I think you cannot go wrong with a splash of it no matter what the weather may be like.

ME  What are the characteristics you look for a bag?

RINKU BANGA  In an evening bag--something different, something that when I am holding [it], eyes will be drawn to.

In a day bag--something large enough to hold my day to day items- we are developing a leather range so watch this space

ME  Your top or personal pick from your shop? Why?

RINKU BANGA  Tough one--absolutely love The Oscars collection--all 3 colors are beautiful and classic but I guess it depends on the mood.

ME  Just random: Harry Potter or Twilight?
RINKU BANGA  Harry Potter all the way!

ME  Thank you so much for your time and I'm grateful for letting me interview you! More power to your shop!
RINKU BANGA  My pleasure--good luck with the blogging! x

To know more about The Artful Bag and for more updates:
Check out their site here
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