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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Probably, I am in the hospital right now to take care of my abuelita's sister. But it will not stop me from sharing. So what better way to schedule my posts so you can discover and learn new things from me.

Just recently, I have discovered not only a shop but also a social network all in one site. I am talking about Clozette.
Clozette is fashion social networking site that caters to the needs of fashion savvies and beauty obsessed women. Well who aren't? Through Clozette, you can create and organize your own closet; share trends and anything related to fashion that you have discovered online, discover different styles and get inspiration from fellow Clozetters, and to top it all of, you can shop from different brands all over the world!
For those shop owners, fashion bloggers and savvies out there who wants to sell some of their items, you can create a store in Clozette.
As soon as you step on the world of Clozette, in terms of a virtual experience, you can immediately see what the site has to offer. Everything you need to know are right there in front of you. That's how I felt as soon as I saw the site. I was like, "Wow," with my mouth opened wide.It is definitely a one-stop shop of everything girls love. Two words: Girls' Dream. As I was checking out the Bazaar, I feel like I am in different countries, seeing shops and pieces from Malaysia, Singapore and others.

Some shoes that will make you lust from Clozette's Bazaar:

Here are some of the pieces I have added to my closet, and hopefully, will buy in the future that I saw from Clozette's Shoppe Section:
I just love how preppy I can be when I imagined this on my feet. The color combination is lovely and  vintage is just love.
I just fell in love with its color and design. I love how you can wear it in the morning or at night. It's that versatile.
I am an avid fan of Jeffrey Campbell. I just love his designs. His shoes are unique and a breath of fresh air that's why a lot of shops also create shoes that are inspired by his creations. Most of you might say that I am weird choosing this piece, but I love edgy and out-of-this world pieces.
I just love the classic and sophisticated style of this dress. Perfect for any formal events or event for dates.
This will definitely be in my list! Heel-less and studs what more can you ask for? It's edgy, it got the spunk! Killer shoes is an understatement.
As you can see, shoes are taking over my Clozette. I love studs and this loafers has always been a part of my must-haves list.
Another lace obsession of mine. Very feminine and sweet. Another dress that can be worn from day 'til night!

It was an incredible experience browsing through the site. It's like unfolding different chapters or layers that will unfold in front of you. I guess what I really love about it, aside from the fact that you can shop, share, discover and interact with your fellow Clozetters, is that it can help you define your style and who you are. Your choices reflects your taste which varies everyone from one another. Clozette is definitely a salad bowl of different fashion style and tastes.

What can I say, my Clozette defines me.

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