A Bit Confused and a Few Announcements

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Before I left for Palawan, I have been thinking about a lot of things. For myself and for this blog.

First, the crisis of changing my blog name. I know it's not that big of a deal, but still I am having a decision warfare about it. If I should change it or not, and if I change it, what will be my replacement for it. It is difficult because it is about me and I still want it to be that way. But sometimes a thought that I want it to still describe me even if I grow old and blogging. You know what I mean. I feel like people think it's 'cheesy', when for me it's not. But sometimes when I put myself on others' point of view, I think it might sound weird for them. I am really confused right now and I still need to ponder more about this.

So I guess I need some of your opinions about it. I really appreciate it:
Second, I'll be having new features in my blog! Yay!

A lot of you know that I review books though I am not really a pro and I have not yet posted my recent ones and still in the process of sharing the premature write-ups that I have which was dated two years ago. Sorry I am the backlog queen. I'm still thinking of rewriting some of them but time is too precious and it is slipping off my hands. Maybe soon. Anyhow, my reviews will be called 'The Frog Hop.' The reason behind it is that I have a 'roadkill' frog bookmark that I had ever since I can remember and I have the habit of taking pictures of the current books I'm reading with it. I find it so cute because the frog is dead and whenever I insert it in the book pages, of course its dead-head is the sign where you left off.
My creative juices were working that time that it made me imagine that my trusted bookmark has been hopping from one book to another for years! So what better way to call my reading habit and thoughts about it is by describing the movement of the frog and that is hopping. It has that fun ring to it that I did not doubt using it.
Another is the revamped 'Bookgasm' section where anything I post there is book-related. From photos to my thoughts from a certain quote from the book that inspired me or really hit me. I have those moments--once upon a blue moon, when my mind was so productive and I can't sleep, I experience light bulb moments.
As you know, I feature brands from time to time. But for a change, I will be also interviewing shop owners! Isn't it exciting? Not only you will be informed about the shop or brand but also you will get to know the owners.

Plus, I would also interview some bloggers too, from time to time!

So email away if you have requests (certain bloggers or shops you want to know more about, things you want to know about them, etc.) or if you want to get featured! ;)
I am thinking of reliving this section. I have been doing it ever since I was in tumblr and just stopped for who knows why. I guess it was another creative outlet I stopped for no apparent reason. I would love to still do it although I don't want to spam, you guys. I have a lot of posts to do. From history and trivias on a certain piece of clothing just to inform all those fashion savvies and of course the inspiration for each look I have made :)
I am greatly inspired by very creative blogs and I want to embrace the artsy person in me! So I will be sharing with you my take on arts and crafts! I believe I can create things on my own as well, so wish me luck!
Finally! I am thinking of a personal giveaway! Yay! Just to thank all of my blog readers and to payback for all the love. ♥ Watch out for it!

Hope you're all excited for my future blog-ventures and hope you read my future posts!

You can check out 'The Frog Hop', 'Bookgasm' and the 'Giveaways' section on the top bar for some of my old posts. (Currently the giveaways section mostly contain other blogs' giveaways and shop giveaways.)

Oh and don't forget to join my Oasap giveaway! There are only a few days left!
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