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Monday, July 09, 2012

Aside from the gowns, the suits and the shoes we lust about on celebrities in the red carpet, another style staple piece we look out for are the bags--which aside from the bangles, the rings, the watches and even the husbands--are the perfect accessory to complete a look. In this regard, a red carpet look. 
The Artful Bag is a UK-based brand that showcases very elegant and luxurious clutch bags. Every piece are made intricately which makes each one very delicate. Most of their their clutch bags are studded with swarovski crystal which made it perfect for any red carpet event.
The lovely Paula Lane from Coronation Street  with The Artful Bag's Equal clutch bag at the BAFTA  Awards 2012

The stunning Alexis Peterman with The Artful Bag's mini classic gold clutch bag at the British Soap Awards 2012

Cathrine Tyldesley looking beautiful with The Artful Bag's botanic coral clutch bag at the British Soap Awards 2012

Lucy Dixon from Hollyoaks looking amazing in green with The Artful Bag's mini classic gold clutch bag at the British Soap Awards 2012

The gorgeous Alison King from Coronation Street at The National Television Awards 2012 with The Artful Bag's beautiful Twilight Clutch Bag

Some of it actually reminds me of Sex and the City because of the quirky style but in a very chic and stylish way:

(Also available in Silver)
Get sinful with The Artful Bag's Forbidden Fruit clutch bags. Whether in silver or in red, you'll definitely take a bite from it and even share it with Adam. Temptation at its finest.

Who said fish can't be chic? Surely a stand out on its own with a silver plate and swarovski crystals that will shine its way to catch people's attention.
Perfect for a romantic date night or for on a Valentine's date. It will definitely catch every girl's heart out there.

I will also share my favorite and top picks from The Artful Bag:
I love its complex details which made it exude sophistication and elegance. Plus I adore its color.

As an International Studies student or even just a hobby, I love collection items with flags. Now that every piece of clothing, accessories and even bags have a flag style or design them, my obsession grew strong for them. Very much reminds me of Spice Girls. I love this piece.

What I love about this clutch bag is that it has a very unique design to it. My favorite: the spider on it with its web trail!
Though I don't have a liking for snakes, this really caught my attention. It has that regal look that reminds me of the Malfoys, Voldemort or better yet, the Slytherin House. *Potterhead-geeky-moment-here* Anyway, it has that mysteriously dark vibe on it that I could not shake and I like it like that.
Another chic clutch with gorgeous details plus it's color brings a very luxurious feel to it.

To know more about The Artful Bag and for more updates:
Check out their site here
Like them on Facebook here
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Watch out for my interview with the person behind The Artful Bag on my next post!

Feel the luxury with The Artful Bag!


(Photos: The Artful Bag)

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