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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Another online shop that I absolutely love is Love Clothing. is a great place to shop for all your clothing needs, offering women's dresses, women's tops, women's skirts, women's shoes, men's jackets, men's shirts, men's trousers, men's jeans and much more.

What I love about Love Clothing is that not only do they showcase a variety of clothes, accessories, bags, etc., but they also cater for the needs of men which is very rare. I remember a guy friend of mine, asking me if I know a great online shop that sells men's clothes and I immediately told him to visit Love Clothing. So boys, there's no excuse for you not to look your best because Love Clothing will definitely give you what you want!

Now that it's Father's Day, here are some Love Clothing items that are perfect for all the daddies out there:
For the young and hip fathers out there who loves to rock and roll, this is perfect for you. The jacket exudes that very young and rebel look that will make your young wife swoon like you're on your first date. Plus, it's on sale! It's available for only £45.00!
Whether it is summer in your country or just very sunny, this will definitely protect your father's eyes from the heat especially when they are driving. Again, it is on sale and available for only £6.75!
For the fathers who value time so much, especially for their work, this is the perfect gift for them.
A simple polo shirt will always do the trick. My dad will love this!
A cool statement shirt with logos or photos of their favorite bands will also please our dear fathers. My dad is a fan of Beatles and he loves collecting shirts so I think this is also something he will love. Plus, another shirt their fashion savvy daughters can borrow! ;)

Love these items? Friends from the UK, you are so lucky because the shipping is free. But those who are not from the UK, do not fret! Love Clothing ships for free on orders over £30.00 and they deliver to over 100 countries! Same day dispatch as long as you order before 4pm!

To see more of their products visit their website:

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They also have Pinterest:

There are a lot of items to choose from so visit their site now!

Just a segue:
Happy father's day to my one and only look-alike. See I got my brooding stare from him which is usually our default face. Also thankful for the nose, dad. LOL

On the serious note, thank you for always being there for me. For still picking me up in the office (before) like you used to when I was still in school. For always being so patient on waking us up in the morning. For being the person I always share my thoughts with, and just for being the coolest dad in the world.

I love you so much! Can't wait to do our "secret scheme!" ♥

To end this, I just want to greet all your fathers out there, a happy Father's day! And don't forget to check out Love Clothing!

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