Cutey's Gold on White Shamballa Bracelet Review

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

As you all know, I received a Gold on White Shamballa Bracelet c/o Cutey, a UK brand of fabulous bracelets. Read my post about Cutey here to know more about their store and products.

The bracelet has nine beads and each has 84 crystals in it. According to Cutey:
These baubles offer you milk and honey, a bountiful harvest on your wrist, teeming with positivity and a celebration of what might be. Treat yourself – good times are just around the corner.
Cutey has nine different shamballa bracelets that not only differ in style and color but also in their meaning and the value it brings to the owner or the wearer.

First of all, I love the Cutey's packaging. The bracelet is protected from scratch by the plastic and what I really love about it, is the tag and the card it came with.
I am a sucker for 'thank you' cards. I am very sentimental like that. I like keeping them. It is actually very sweet that Cutey includes such because not all shops or brands does that. A little gratitude will definitely make a shopper go back and be loyal to that shop. I think it does not only create a business relationship between the customer and the brand but also they can build a friendship with this. Again, loyalty will be definitely earned.
Simple but very personalized. The card also includes where you can contact Cutey in case you have inquiries, you want to see their items, etc. The bracelet also includes a very cute tag.

Aside from the number of beads and crystals, another characteristic I look for in a bracelet is its durability and lock. So far, this shamballa bracelet had satisfied my needs. When you've actually held the bracelet, you can already feel its weight and the sturdiness. It's not the typical beaded bracelet that will break after a few use. I have actually experienced that especially when I used the accessory so often and almost everyday. Also with the crystals and the beads, it is definitely an intricate piece. The beads are very tasteful and not tacky to look at.
Another thing I have observed about it is the really tight lock. Have you experienced losing a bracelet because you thought you locked it securely but after a while you realized it's gone? That also happened to me. It became loose as I was walking so it must have fell off while I was walking in some place. But with Cutey's shamballa bracelet, I will assure you that it will stay in place. Its lock has a very tight grip it will be difficult for you to lose it. Moreover, it hasn't "loose thread" on me yet now that I am actually always wearing it.
In connection to the bracelet's description, I think this really suits me in terms of its description because I tend to be a pessimist most of the time. I get stressed easily and I think this would gladly help me get the positivity I need in terms of the color. It actually lightens up my mood when I see this. I always feel giddy and excited to wear it because it has three things that girls love about an accessory: it's shining, shimmering and splendid.
What I also love about this bracelet is that I can wear it anytime and anywhere. Whether I will be just in a casual outfit or I will be attending a formal gala. It is very versatile and has that elegant vibe that makes it acceptable to wear with a chic dress. The color of this bracelet is also neutral that you can combine it in any hue when it comes to your clothes and accessories. Plus, the color is not seasonal and does not fade so it will be really acceptable to wear it.
This is the first outfit I came up with when I wore the shamballa bracelet. I played with very strong colors and because of how the bracelet shines, it still stood out. More about the outfit in this post.

I think £18.99 is a fair enough price for the bracelet because I am looking for an accessory that is not only pretty physically, but also has a very great quality. Yes, I can get beads for a lower price, but will endure my frequent use? I have seen other shamballas on the internet but it doesn't have the same chicness I feel into it unlike with Cutey's version.


Thank you to Ashley Peach of Cutey for sending this lovely bracelet. Even my mom and sisters adore it! ♥

What is your favorite Cutey bracelet?

Share your thoughts!

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