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Sunday, June 17, 2012

What I wore: purple pullovers Forever 21 • floral skirt St. Francis Square

I wore this one Sunday with my family when were out to eat lunch, to do a little shopping and to do grocery.

The weather was bipolar that I opted to wear pull-overs just in case it gets cold and wore it with a skirt. Ironic but I love the contrast. Again, it is a rule that showing too much skin is too much unless it is summer and it is scorching hot outside. In this rule, I go for subtlety and balance. I think the off-shoulder is very sexy and it exudes a mysterious vibe on the wearer.
As you can see in this look, I played with colors and prints. I love experimenting especially with the pieces I have. Others might think, styling or choosing an outfit is shallow. But they don't see the point that things should blend. What others don't know is that it actually hons our creativity and imagination. It's like a puzzle that every unique piece has its place and that's the same thing with our clothing.
Anyhow, I chose very playful and yummy colors. I just want to have that fun, sweet and very carefree vibe. Another thing that helped me achieve that is the prints I put together. Who would've thought flowers and big hearts will go so well together? I actually thought they might clash and not in a good way, but voila!
satchel bag 50th Avenue Robinson's Galleria  tri-color wayfarers SM Department Store • Blackberry Case Greenhills

Accessories also play a very great role in our outfits. It can up a notch a look, give the extra oomph, and it can play a vital role in the outfit you are aiming for.
The bag gave off a very sweet-looking student aura to me.
white bangle Landmark • turquoise ring borrowed from my sister • pink ribbon ring Forever 21

I tame it down by not wearing dangling earrings and stacked bracelets because I already have a lot of colors and prints going on. Also one ring in each hand will do it.
gold on white shamballa bracelet c/o Cutey • watch Gucci

I was so excited to wear my bracelet from Cutey and now here it is! A little gold and shimmer won't hurt the look. I seriously have a thing for sparkling things. I can't stop staring at it. The bracelet is really beautiful. It really has that elegant vibe that I am glad worked in my casual attire. It definitely looks good with my vintage Gucci watch.
Harry Potter thunderbolt necklace Personalized Accessories

I took a risk in wearing this necklace. Usually when your top is already busy with prints, necklaces are a no, no because it will get the attention the top deserves. But it actually blended well on my top. Both still actually stands out.
blue flats St. Francis Square

What do you think?
Try playing with colors and prints, too!

Hope you had a great weekend!

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