Bookgasm: Outfit Recreator and Planner; Not a Repeater

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Remember the quote I shared the day before? Let me refresh your memory.
(1)I'm very serious about 'The Outfits.' I plan them days in advance, in my head, silently coordinating shirts and skirts, colors and fabrics, deciding whether to go with trends or classics, plain fronts or pleats. (2) But this Sunday, I had no clue. I just didn't know what to wear. 
-- Vicenza Arambullo (Intro)
Finally, after a very long time, I will share my thoughts I pondered about a quote I have shared the day before. I'm glad that this is my second post this month for my 'Bookgasm' section. Yay! My mojo is back!

Anyhow, as you can see, I divided the quote in two parts because I will tackle both in this post and I will discuss the second line first.
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Have you ever felt that? Your closet is full but you feel like you have nothing to wear? This happens to me at times. Sometimes, I will see myself looking at my closet for thirty minutes or more and I can't seem to find the piece of clothing I need. Sometimes, it actually frustrates me. But my mom will always tell me that I have a lot of clothes to wear and I should go through them.

The problem was sometimes we tend to only see the pieces that are in front of us. We never go through beyond that. We were too familiar with the pieces we've worn lately that we can't seem to appreciate the older pieces. Admit it, sometimes we feel that these older pieces are outdated and we feel like burying them in the deepest part of our closets. We are scared to be labeled as 'Outfit Repeaters.'
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Now that I have pondered about this, I realized that there's nothing wrong in repeating old clothes. It's not a crime as long as you recreate an old piece and make it look new. Don't let the fashion police catch you wearing the same thing! I am a recreator of looks as well! I have been experimenting with old pieces that I have.

Here are some of my looks that I have recreated:
I was able to create these looks with the use of my imagination and of course, effective planning.

Like what Vicenza do, I also plan ahead on what I will wear whenever I go out, whenever there's an important event or special occasion that I have to attend to or just outfits for future use. Yes, I reserve looks in my mental file. It just pops in my mind at random times. And I mean RANDOM. Like whenever I am in the car or in the shower, or whenever I am just lying in my bed. That kind of randomness. If you follow me on Twitter, you will know how random I am.

I will be going to Palawan at the end of June but I am not panicking on what to wear. You want to know why? Because I have planned everything months ahead. I hate cramming my outfits because I always want to look my best. If you cram, you might end up looking sloppy and you might put pieces that will not compliment each other.

So here's what you have to do. Like I said effective planning is key. In order to do it, you need three things: imagination, creativity, and mixing & matching.

Explore your imagination.
First, think of an outfit you want to achieve or a look you have never created before. Do you want to stand out? To recreate a look your fashion icon have worn? Get the pieces you think you may use to create your icon's look. Use different accessories to up a notch the look or to create a variation. You don't need to have the exact same pieces as your inspiration has, to achieve that look. A similar item that can substitute the original will do.
Here's what I did when I was inspired by Isabelle Fuhrman's look. I have achieved the same look but you can see the difference. She was wearing floral shorts but I used a skirt in my version because I don't have one. She has a floral blazer on while I used a floral polo as a cover up. I actually substituted a lot of pieces to achieve Isabelle's look.

Be creative.
Create your own clothing items or accessories by doing a DIY. Bored of your old pants? Get a scissors. Cut it so you can have that edgy shorts we've all been seeing in the latest trends then add studs to have that rocker vibe. Get a shirt cut off the sleeves or the part. You can create fringes or cut-outs on the shirt. Experiment by dying clothes, ripping it off, etc. Even with accessories! I was actually inspired to do such projects by other blogs I read. Passion for Fashion and Vjuliet has the best DIYs you might want to try when it comes to accessories.
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(Photo: Oasap)
(Photo: Passion for Fashion)
(Photo: VJuliet)
Mix & Match!
Who says you always need to buy new clothes to achieve a new look? Think of certain pieces you have that you want to put together.

There are actually a lot of websites that may inspire you or even help you create outfits. These social platforms can help you in creating looks that may help you store them for future use or it can serve as your mood board or inspiration.

I will share to you some looks I have thought about for the past months via Fashiolista.

Don't forget the three tips I told you to recreate and plan an outfit!

Share your thoughts!

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