Book Review: The Sacrifice by Lynne Ewing

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Daughters of the Moon 5: The Sacrifice by Lynne Ewing
(Started: June 29, 2010; Finished: June 30, 2010)

Stanton, a Follower of the ancient evil called the Atrox, is torn between his love for Serena, one of the moon goddesses, and his urge to destroy her by turning her to the dark forces. 
Stanton is in love with Serena. But it is a relationship that can never be. Serena is a Daughter of the Moon, a force of good whose mission is to stop him and his kind. Stanton has been trying to stay away from Serena, but now their secret is out. He will have to choose between the life he has always known and a love that could destroy the person he cares about the most. (From Shelfari)
Review: 5 stars, Favorite
Source: Purchased at National Bookstore ($9.99 US / $13.99 CAN)
Available at: Amazon
This book is about a Follower named Stanton who is in love with a Daughter of the Moon. It was a really good read because you can see Stanton's struggle between love and evil. I was "nearly" relieved that Stanton will go back to the path of good. But then it was inevitable. He had to go back to the Atrox to protect his beloved.

Okay enough. My mind's a bit foggy. Haha.

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Happy Reading Everyone!

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