Another Harry Potter Hangover

Sunday, May 13, 2012

DISCLAIMER: I do not claim to have made those titles which I found on twitter. I apologize for some words that some may found offensive.

Hello to all the Harry Potter fans out there! As most of you know, my blog is a Potterhead magnet due to the high dosage of Harry Potter posts. This one is another yet an injection of the "Magic Never Ends" pledge, we, Potterheads swore when the series ended.

I found these too funny not to share. I think I got this from some random tweets I saw on my twitter timeline. These are some funny takes of the titles of the book series which somewhat sums up the story of each book.

Here you go!

Philosopher's Stone: Harry Potter and the guy with the creepy turban.

Chamber of Secrets: Harry Potter and the REALLY BIG SNAKE.

Prisoner of Azkaban: Harry Potter and his father's weird friends.

Goblet of Fire: Harry Potter and the year shit got real.

Order of the Phoenix: Harry Potter and the crazy cat lady.

Half-Blood Prince: Harry Potter and the hormones kick in.

Deathly Hallows: Harry Potter and the extended camping trip.

Hope the humor of this post brighten up your day!

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