Revenge in My Dreams

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Revenge is currently one of my favorite tv shows these days. I love the suspense-thrill and mystery. The deception also makes it exciting. Anyhow, maybe because of so much fan-girling on this show, I had a dream about it. As usual, I was on the shoes of Emily Thorn (played by Emily Van Camp).

I think I was running from something or someone. I'm not sure. We were in a deserted place. Very Western setting. I rode the car with Jack Porter--Emily's childhood friend and love in the series. I find it weird because I don't even fancy Jack because I like Daniel Grayson's character better.

So anyhow, I was in a car with him. We stopped in a convenience store and bought some food and all that when the guys who were looking for us came about. So we had to drive fast again ala Fast & the Furious. I think I was not really the one being chased but it was Jack because I think he was a suspect of Tyler's death in the current episodes.

We were driving really fast dodging the bullets that were being fired at us and also the slow cars in front of us.

Everything was happening so fast that I cannot really remember what happened next. All I know is that we stopped. And ran.

I think this dream is an effect of being to giddy for the next episode which will come out today, April 18! Yahoo!

The wait is finally over!

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