The Magic Never Ends

Monday, February 20, 2012

At our annual valentine's date, my friends and I watched some flicks and as Potterheads, we can't stop ourselves from having a Harry Potter marathon. I think it affected my dream and my subconscious reacted to it.

I had a dream yesterday morning, at around nine o'clock about Harry Potter and the gang during their younger years, most likely in the Sorcerer's Stone part.

They were not a trio, but the lead characters were actually four and I am one of them. My character was pretty tough and brave. For some reason, Harry, Ron, Hermione and I were going to escape Hogwarts. I can't remember some of the details but what I know is that we should be really careful and no one should know that we are going to escape.

I guess that scene in the movie where Harry was trying to escape from the restricted section of the library sticked to my mind. Thus, my subconscious formulated a version where I was in it and in a twisted plot. Anyway, we were walking along the corridors without the invisibility cloak--which is weird--and trying to dodge the professors. But Snape saw us that's why we ran. He followed us and cast spells on us to stop us but I counter the attacks. We never stopped running ala temple run while jinxing Snape so we can escape. I even remember myself shouting Alohomora to open the doors in front of us.

What I found weird is that Hogwarts is my dream. I want to go there and study like Harry did but I was trying to escape it. I can't remember the reason why. But still, at least that dream gave me a wonderful experience of the wizarding world. Full of action and dueling. It was pretty rebellious so it made me look like a bad ass chick.

This kind of dream also proves that the magic of Harry Potter will never end and will always live in us.

To my fellow Potterheads, do you also experience or have Potter-related dreams? I'd love to hear them. Share them here.

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