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Monday, December 19, 2011

This was a delay post because like I said I have not updated this for a long time now because I have been really bust at work. The pictures were taken on the day of Hsieh's Surprise birthday party. Well, it was a surprise technically speaking but the celebrant was the one who requested it. Hahaha crazy gal!

Abi and I met up for a lunch date and some ingredient shopping at Choto Stop. Abi will cook okonomiyaki for our dear friend.

But of course, we cannot stop ourselves from visiting shops and boutiques just for eyegasm because we were both saving money. We love browsing and trying on things.

I can't help myself from buying this adorable leopard ring. I have been eyeing this ever since I saw it in Forever 21.
I was actually holding back because I was saving for my Palawan trip. But my dear friend Abi told me that I should think about it and give it at least 2 weeks or maybe a month or two. I can't remember. She told me that if I still want to but it after that long period, then I should go ahead and purchase it. So I told her I have been thinking and dreaming about it for that long or maybe longer. So she just told me to but it for Pete's sake! Haha!

After all the window shopping we had, we just realized that we were going to be late for Hsieh's party so we rush to the train station.

But while we were running towards the exit, I saw this little, cute tribal printed dress and I knew that I had to buy it for my sister as a birthday present.
It was unbelievably cheap so I grabbed it and the blue one for me!
For the cherry on top on my very happy splurging day, Abi gave me three feather earrings! Yeay for me!
Thank you, Abi Viesca! I love youuuu!

I can't wait to give my gift to my little sister and wear those beautiful things I got today.

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