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Thursday, August 04, 2011

I am so happy that my siblings, my friends and I were able to register for Pottermore. I thought it will be impossible for us but thank God we did! I know we will have fun with Pottermore soon and what will make the experience better is that we’ll get to share it with our friends and loved ones whether we will be sorted in the same House or not. Finally, more Potter for us! Aren't you excited? We’ll finally get to experience the dream we've been having ever since the Harry Potter series came out. We will get to experience the magical world. Duels, Quidditch, Spell and Magical Creatures. What a breath-taking thought. Maybe it is an exaggeration of my imagination but each and everyone of us has that kind of fantasy.

This will not be possible if it weren't for the goddess of Writing, Queen JK. Thank you for this madness that you brought upon us. We defied our parents for reading this book more than our textbooks. We defied our religion for indulging ourselves with magic. But if it weren't for you, we will not be this sane as Luna Lovegood. Because of you, we are not just a new generation. We are THE Potter Generation. Thank you, JK, thank you!

Now, I want to congratulate all the Potterheads around the world. We have all been experiencing sugar-high and over-caffeinated nights struggling to keep our eyes open and clicking the never-ending refresh button just to see if the clue for the day already came out. We have never been this mad! Others might say this is rubbish. But what the hell!? Muggles know nothing about magic. Anyhow, to those who have received their acceptance letters, congratulations! Those nights we've suffered from humongous eye bags are so worth it! To those who have not yet received their emails, patience is a virtue. Just wait. It will eventually arrive. Just imagine that the owls that are carrying your letters are just fighting the gusty winds just to reach you. Lastly, to those who have not yet registered, don’t lose hope! There are three more days to seize and conquer Pottermore so there’s still time! Other Potterheads, let’s go help them! Constant vigilance!

Good luck everyone! Let’s go Potterheads!

PS. I would like to thank my friend, Miho Buenaventura, for assisting me, my siblings and our other friends in registering! I love ya friend and you are an angel or if I might say, my human Felix Felicis. Oh and by the way, to my beloved followers and friends, please greet Miho tomorrow (August 4) because it’s her birthday! Just message her in her tumblr. I know that will make her day! Thank you guys! Cheers!

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