The Odds were in my Favor.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Yesterday, I woke up in a dream wherein I understand how the tributes felt during the Hunger Games.

The Games was in a cave. It was dark and its walls were wet due to the water drips. The difference is that in my dream, the tributes belong to a team while in the book, the battle was yours to fight alone. I was in a group where my fellow tributes were all strong and tough.

Our task was to reach the top of the cave where the exit can be found. We have to endure the steepness of the stairs, avoid some deadly creatures, run so fast while the rapids were nearly seconds of swallowing you, avoid the electrical wires while you are dripping wet. Those are only the challenges I remember.

I didn't know how I managed to survive that dream.

What I know is that I have only one weapon and that is a very sleek, sharp and deadly dagger.

I saw myself running along with the other tributes avoiding all the obstacles and helping each other. What I hate sometimes about the dreamworld is that sometimes when I want to run faster and seeing myself do the effort, I still move like a snail. That happens all the time.

Back to my dream, I remember myself cutting barb wires for my team so we can move along the small spaces. I think our clothes were damp with water, mud, sweat and blood. I remember we have cuts everywhere.

Before I forgot this very important detail, unlike in the Hunger Games that the tributes need to kill each other in order to survive, my dream was a lot less brutal. One of the teams just have to win. The team who wins will get all the supplies they need for their family. According to the Capitol, off with your heads if your team loses. It will be a public event.

Well, let me take that less brutal comment.

We reached the top running and howling for success because we knew we won the Games. The head of the Capitol and the Council were all nodding for our victory. As we reach the room full of supplies, we were blown away by the food we saw. Aside from the basics, meat, bread etc., there were ice cream, chocolates and candies.

We immediately ate a handful after all the work we had.

While enjoying our rewards, a thought came into mind. Where were our opponent team? I basically checked the whole place and there were no sight of them.

Then I saw the Council locking the exit door and then realization dawn into me.

They will lock the other team and let them rot inside the cave.

I was surprised on how confident I was in my dream that I actually persuaded my team to rescue our opponents and led them through the cave.

Once again, we ran and howl, our faces mocking the council as they saw us that we saved our opponents.

And I started the rebellion.

Pretty cool huh? This is a result of too much reading and a wide imagination.

D'you have dreams like this?

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